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Teaching and Learning Standards

EHHP Elements of Teacher Competency (ETCs)

Highly competent teachers make the teaching-learning connection through:
1. Understanding and valuing the learner
2. Knowing what and how to teach and assess and how to create an environment in which learning occurs
3. Understanding ourselves as professionals

Standard I: Evidence theoretical and practical understanding of the ways learners develop.
Standard II: Demonstrate understanding and application of the critical attributes and pedagogy of the major content area.
Standard III: Evidence a variety of strategies that optimize student learning.
Standard IV: Participate in informed personal and shared decision making that has as its focus the enhancement of schooling and the profession.
Standard V:Communicate effectively with students, parents, colleagues and the community.
Standard VI: Demonstrate an understanding of the continuous nature of assessment and its role in facilitating learning.
Standard VII: Show an understanding of the culture and organization of schools and school systems and their connections to the larger society.

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