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Community Driven
Parent Engagment 

Raquel Smith | Metanoia
Parent Engagment Coordinator

November 16, 2017 | 11am to 1pm | College of Charleston North Campus

Metanoia arrives at strong community participation by obeying the ‘Iron Rule’ of community organizing – to never do for people what they can do for themselves.  And by always requiring an exchange for any opportunities we present to the community.  For example, our after school programs are not free to parents but charge four hours-worth of community participation a month.  By creating systems of exchange, we create a sense of pride and ownership that local residents feel toward Metanoia.  The highest compliment that is paid to us is when residents refer to Metanoia as “us” or “we” rather than “them.” – PushingForward.Org

Cost: $25 Register Here
Lunch & Learns is a lecture series for the expanded learning community (that's afterschool, summer and enrichment programs). We have them every month. They gather amazing afterschool professionals all in one room to learn more from innovators, experts, and success stories in the Charleston area and of course for a delicious lunch. Interested in learning even more about them? Check out our blog.
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