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Center for Partnerships to Improve Education (CPIE)

Note from the Director 

Dear Partners,

Thank you for your interest in the Center for Partnerships to Improve Education (CPIE).  Even though we have not yet met, I already know that we have a lot in common.  We share a concern for the lives of PreK-12 students and the communities in which they live. We understand that students’ lives are impacted by their well-being, families, communities, and teachers. We recognize the advantages of strong collaborations for improving students’ lives.  These three commonalities serve as the thread that can unite us in partnership. Since its inception, CPIE has been busy.  I encourage you to learn about past partnership activities on the About CPIE page.  You can also read about the many success of CPIE on the Publications page.   I am sure you will be pleased!  I now invite you to join the newly re-envisioned CPIE as we embark on the following goals:

  • Coordinate partnership activities that focus on the whole student
  • Involve a broader range of faculty expertise
  • Partner with a wider variety of community sites and leaders
  • Integrate service –learning to engage college students in partnership activities

As the Ethiopian proverb states, when spider webs unite, they can tie up a lion.

From one web to another, let’s unite!



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