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Grading Options

Grading Scale

The College of Charleston and the School of Education, Health and Human Performance grading policy has two options for use when developing grading for a proposed PDE course. The options are as follows:

  • Pass/Fail – This option is best suited for courses designed to enhance the skill levels of teachers, e/g, in the use of computer technology in instruction, and are typically courses for practicing teachers already grounded in theory and practice of teaching. Often, pass/fail courses focus on new techniques and procedures which can be applied directly in teacher’s classrooms. A rubric of each assessment must be included with the syllabus. As per the academic policies of the C of C Graduate Catalogue a pass/fail course carries zero (0) grade points and thus cannot be converted to a letter grade.
  • School of Education, Health and Human Performance, College of Charleston Grading Scale – With this grading option, students are assigned a letter grade for their course work. The lowest passing grade for graduate courses is a C. For a course to be approved for a letter grade, the following elements must be included in the course syllabus:

o Increased level of curiosity and rigor

o Assignments and activities which are specified and described completely

o Clear procedures showing reflective, research-based practices

o Assignments and activities are assigned a specific value, as they relate to the final grade (for example, the use of a point system or percentages to determine the final grade)

o Clear procedure for assigning the final grade

o A rubric for each assessment must be included

With this grading option, the grading scale must match the School of Education, Health and Human Performance scale.

A = 4.0

B+ = 3.5

B = 3.0

C+ = 2.5

C = 2.0

F = 0.0

XF = 0.0 Failure Due to Academic Dishonesty

 (Please note that C is the lowest passing grade for graduate students.)

Incomplete Grades

Students enrolled in a PDE course at the College of Charleston may be awarded a grade of incomplete (I). The students are allowed to complete the assignment up to one semester following course participation as stated in the grading policy standards set forth by the College of Charleston. Following the semester period, the (I) may be converted to an (F). A signed agreement must be completed for this process to be official.

All grades whether Pass/Fail or School of Education, Health and Human Performance grading scale, are now required to be submitted electronically. The Associate Director for Records will forward online grading procedures.

Course Credit

Credit is awarded for the term in which the course was initiated. If a course begins in one academic term, but does not finish until the next, credit will be awarded in the term in which the course first began.   

Summer II:      July 1 - July 31
Fall:                August 1 - December 31
Spring:            January 1 - April 30
Summer I:       May 1 - June 30

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