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Course Approval Process

The course syllabus is developed by the initiator and instructor with input and assistance from the EDPD Director and the Assistant for Administration and Public Relations. Much care should be given to development of a meaningful, rigorous course containing specifics and details of expectations. An assessment rubric for each graded assignment is required.

  • All syllabi of proposed EDPD courses are reviewed by the Assistant for Administration and Public Relations and the Professional Development Director for essential and adherence to policies outlined above.
  • Once the standards of the initial review are met, the syllabus is reviewed by the EHHP Administrative Council, which is made up of the Associate Dean and Chairs of each department in the School of Education, Health, and Human Performance.
  • All syllabi are requested to be submitted electronically via e-mail to
  • Administrative Council submits syllabus and instructor approvals, normally on the first and third Thursday of each month by email to expedite approval/revision suggestions.
  • The Administrative Council examines the course description, purpose, objectives/standards, content, learning activities, assessment, rubrics, and grading to determine whether graduate credit will be awarded for the proposed EDPD course through the College of Charleston.

Revised June 25, 2018

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