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The Facilitator/Initiator

To determine the compatibility for the College and requesting agency goals, a course initiator, a person from a school, school district, State Department of Education, or other educational agency who initiates a request for a Professional Development in Education (PDE) course, contacts the PDE Director or his Assistant for Administration and Public Relations and discusses College policies and aspects of the proposed course (i.e., content, goals, times, instructor, funding options and source, etc.). The Director and the Assistant work with the initiator to plan and develop a quality course proposal. PDE requests that course initiators contact them via e-mail and allow lead time of at least one month prior to the course beginning date to:

  • Fully develop the proposed course syllabus
  • Submit proposed instructor* credentials (resume, self-letter, 2 current letters of recommendation, copies of South Carolina Teaching Certificate and Driver's License, Zero Pay Personal Data Sheet, Release of Authorization and Disclosure forms, and official graduate transcript)
  • Secure approval from the EHHP Administrative Council for the proposed course and instructor
  • Process the course request

*NOTE: PDE instructors must have at least a Master's Degree.

Courses and Adjunct Professors must be approved and re-approved every two years to ensure qualifications.

Revised October 14, 2019

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