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Syllabus Guidelines

Southern Association of Colleges and Schools (S.A.C.S.) requires that all syllabi of proposed courses be reviewed for the essentials. Based on the review, a decision will be made about whether graduate credit should be awarded for the proposed course, how many hours of graduate credit should be awarded for the proposed course, and whether a grade will be awarded or pass/fail will be assigned for the proposed course.

Syllabus Templates

The Office of Professional Development in Education offers a syllabus template in Microsoft Word format and in a rich text format, readable by any word processing application. An instructor can download the syllabus template by clicking on the appropriate link below, then complete it using the word processing program on their computer. The template guides the instructor through the syllabus creation process.

Syllabus Template

Samples of Approved Syllabi

Sample syllabi have been provided to guide the instructors in determining the content of their own syllabus. Click here to view the samples in Adobe Acrobat format.

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