Being a Fellow


  • All South Carolina Teaching Fellows agree to the following:
  • Maintain successful progress toward South Carolina Teacher certification
  • Successfully complete 30 semester hours per academic year
  • Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.75, and a GPA 3.0 in education classes
  • Be accepted to the Teacher Education Program as a junior
  • Remain a full-time student during each fall and spring term
  • Attend TF programs as assigned by the institution (80% participation level)
  1. Serve on a Teaching Fellows committee
  2. Attend cohort meetings
  3. Attend All Fellows meeting
  4. Participate in service projects
  • Attend summer enrichment programs assigned by CERRA
  • Maintain current contact information (address, phone number, email) with CERRA
  • Remain in compliance with campus regulations for academics and conduct

Class Specific Obligations

Each year the Fellow is required to participate in class-specific activities.


  • Academic Learning Community
  • FYSM- consists of one class led by the Director where the students bond as future teachers through study, discussion and assisting one another. Another class is led by an upper classman Teaching Fellow identified as a “Peer Facilitator.” He or she  serves as transition and offers guidance into the new college environment providing answers to overlooked questions such as being excused from a missed class or finding the Center for Student Learning. This is another opportunity for Freshmen Fellows to bond while sharing and exploring one another’s opinions on various topics.
  • Freshmen Retreat
  • Regular Meetings with Director


  • EDFS- the class comes together again in the same learning environment to further develop their teaching knowledge. The class studies topics such as the history of teaching, different learning styles and the psychology of teaching. 


  • Attend a professional conference
  • Be accepted to the Teacher Education Program


  • Develop and Execute an Senior Professional Experience plan.

These requirements are what enrich the Teaching Fellows program.

Here is what a few Fellows had to say.

  • “Joining the Teaching Fellow program at the C of C has made a significant impact in not only my college experience, but my career as an educator.  I have acquired a wealth of knowledge that will prepare me for my future career and gained friendships and connections that will last a lifetime.” 
  • “Teaching Fellows has provided me with a great group of my peers that I can stay in contact with even after I’ve left C of C.  It’s a system of support spread throughout the state.” 
  • “Teaching Fellows is not only a scholarship program; it is the life lessons, the friendships you make, and the memories that last a lifetime.” 
  • “As a result of Teaching Fellows, I have become a stronger leader, a more confident speaker, and a better listener. This experience has shaped my entire college career, and for that, I am grateful.” 
  • “Teaching Fellows has offered me personalized advising and great connections to help me get started at the College of Charleston”

How has being a Teaching Fellow enhanced your experience at the College of Charleston? 

  • “I have met new people who share the same passion as me. It has also helped me adapt to college life as a freshman.”
  • “If it were’t for the program putting me on probation for a semester, I would’t have my GPA where it is.”

What do you like most about Teaching Fellows? 

  • “the people
  • “I enjoy the fellowship with other Teaching Fellows and the opportunities that I’ve had to learn more about issues teachers face today.”
  • “Friends, a close-knit community, and common goals.”

What advice would you give a future student who is considering joining our program? 

  • “Talk to a current Teaching Fellow to find out what all you are expected to do as a TF and how the program works—you’ll learn things you won’t find out from a letter or orientation.”
  • “Realize that this is not someone handing you money.  This is a family and learning experience.”

 What benefits do you think Teaching Fellows has provided you as an education major compared to that of someone who is not a part of the program?

  • “It has given me an insight to what my future looks like and gives additional resources that others do not have.”
  • “I got a babysitting job based on the fact that I was an education major and a Teaching Fellow.”
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