The School of Education, Health, and Human Performance recognizes the importance of diversity when supporting and advocating for children, adolescents and the population at large. We believe we can learn from our differences, and that diversity makes us stronger.

Our programs, students, and graduates are better equipped to contribute to society and be productive when we know, understand, and consider diverse values and perspectives.

Many of our faculty members’ research and service initiatives address topics and issues related to diversity, including environmental exposure to man-made chemicals and resultant health effects, built environment influences on physical activity and health eating, aquatic and motor therapy for children with disabilities, urban sports-based youth development programs, and more. Furthermore, EHHP faculty and staff represent our departments and the School on various campus-wide diversity initiatives. The School also continues to partner with local agencies and organizations that serve diverse populations. We participate in statewide programs—Call Me MISTER and Project CREATE—to prepare minority male teachers and train educators to meet the needs of special education students, respectively. Our federally-funded Talent Development Academies project implements gifted and talented curricula in Title I elementary schools. 

Through our hiring, recruitment, and retention practices we strive to be representative of our community. It is our goal to increase the diversity of our students, faculty and staff with respect to age, ethnicity, race, socioeconomic status, gender, physical abilities, exceptionalities, language, religion, sexual orientation, nationality, and geographical area.