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Faculty as Partners mini-grants

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The CPIE Faculty as Partners (FaP) mini-grants program was established in 2011-2012 to support faculty productivity and student learning by awarding small grants for research projects and service-learning initiatives involving community partners. For the purposes of CPIE, community partners are defined as schools, state or local governments, non-profit agencies/organizations, small or large businesses, or other entities that serve all or part of the tri-county area (Berkeley, Charleston, and Dorchester counties). CPIE mini-grants are intended as support for research initiatives that have the potential to be competitive for larger internal or external grant awards, as well as for instructional activities leading to high impact experiences for College of Charleston students.

Types of mini-grants: CPIE has limited funds to award three types of mini-grants to EHHP faculty.

Service-Learning Challenge mini-grants provide up to $500 per course for service-learning activities designed for any EHHP course offered in fall or spring. These awards are intended to support experiences that integrate course content into meaningful interactions involving College of Charleston students and community partners. 

Faculty Research Support mini-grants provide up to $1500 for new and existing community-engaged research initiatives led by an EHHP faculty member. These awards can fund pilot studies or small-scale research activities involving the community as a partner, rather than as a subject.

Collaborative Partnership mini-grants provide up to $2500 to a group of at least three faculty members collaborating on research, service, or service-learning initiative with a community partner. Cross-campus collaborations are permitted, however at least two members of the faculty group must be housed in EHHP. Each initiative is eligible for only one mini-grant award, therefore applying for multiple CPIE mini-grants (regardless of grant type) for the same initiative is not permitted.

Eligibility:  CPIE FaP mini-grants are open to all roster faculty members in the School of Education, Health, and Human Performance (EHHP).  Adjunct faculty in EHHP may apply for service-learning mini-grants only for activities occuring during the semester they are teaching.  A faculty member may receive only one mini-grant per academic year.

Submission deadline: Applications for CPIE FaP mini-grants will be accepted twice per year. Only applications submitted through the online link will be accepted.  The application deadlines are:

September 15       (decision by September 30)           

December 7         (decision by December 15)

All funds must be spent or encumbered by May 15 and a final grant report is due to CPIE by June 1.

Notes about funding:

  • Funds can be used for travel, supplies, books, curriculum items, equipment, research materials, and other related items. Please inquire if you are unsure.
  • Technology and software purchases must be pre-approved by the College’s IT office
  • Meals and food purchases may be allowable. Please check with CPIE before including these in your budget.
  • Please note that the College no longer issues petty cash reimbursements. Off-campus purchases must be completed via Purchasing Card or prior Expenditure Authorization.
  • Funds cannot be used to pay for
    • stipends, honoraria, or wages of any kind
    • an adjunct for a course reassignment
    • alcohol, gift cards, or to make donations
    • a scholarship of any kind
  • All relevant College of Charleston policies and procedures must be followed
To apply for a Faculty as Partners mini-grant, click here. (Click here to preview the application)

Assessment Results from 2012-2018 Faculty as Partners Impact Report

CPIE has awarded 16 FaP mini-grants to 13 faculty members

As a result of CPIE mini-grants, faculty have produced an impressive:

  • 20 manuscripts (at the time of the survey, 10 had been accepted, published, or were in the press as peer-reviewed journal articles, curriculum materials, and scholarly books)
  • 35 conference presentations
  • 13 awards, invitations, and special recognitions
  • 13 grant applications
  • Additional grant awards in excess of $286,000

78% of faculty responding to the survey question rated CPIE as highly valuable or somewhat valuable to their scholarly productivity.

Read the full impact report here.