Office of Professional Development in Education

The mission of the School of Education, Health, and Human Performance's Office of Professional Development in Education (OPDE) and the Afterschool and Summer Learning Resource Center (ASLRC) is to provide a support service for school districts, afterschool and summer learning providers, and agencies to offer efficient and effective professional development opportunities for their personnel. Further, OPDE is a professional partner assisting individuals and groups of educators in their quest to improve and enhance educational experiences for all learners.  ASLRC is also, a professional partner assisting expanded learning programs and professionals in their quest to improve and enhance the quality and availability of expanded learning opportunities for all children and their families.

The primary purpose of OPDE is to provide professionally oriented graduate courses in collaboration with schools, districts, and other agencies which offer professional development experiences for educators. OPDE works with practitioners to design quality, rigorous graduate level courses which meet academic standards of the College of Charleston while simultaneously addressing a particular school, district, or other educational agency initiative or need. Learning Forward and the South Carolina Standards for Professional Development both guide course development.